BASF, a German chemicals company, was facing tough competition on sustainable solutions for footwear. While they have the technology and capabilities, there was a lack of awareness amongst manufacturers, designers, and innovators.
Our strategists shortlisted 4 personas as our key audiences, outlining their preferences for content, key touchpoints as well as key selling points. With that, we developed a content campaign for BASF.
Using Facebook and LinkedIn as the main touchpoints, we developed a campaign to funnel viewers to BASF's website for long-form articles.
From small steps to giant leaps, we first launched short animated posts based on the materials and technology that enables BASF's net zero ambitions.
We then targeted Explorers and Hunters by featuring collaborations. Making use of renowned brands, we could quickly build up BASF footwear's reputation and credibility.
As well as launched a series of interviews to put a face to BASF's technologies.
Through the course of the content development, we noticed how BASF has a wealth of information that were not easily accessible.
We dug deeper and found that even their sales staff may get easily confused by their sustainable footwear's resources. Thus we proposed an additional angle: revisiting their internal and B-2-B communications.
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