A branding campaign for Ninjavan in Bangkok where we did from concept, to illustrations and even the animations. Nomatter the situation, Ryo will do whatever it takes to deliver the parcel.
Social videos

Nomatter the traffic conditions (single social post)

Nomatter where in Greater Bangkok (single social post)

Nomatter the size or weight (single social post)

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Out of home billboards
We proposed billboards according to weather and traffic conditions. Then using smart technology, the relevant ads will be played when it rains, shines, or when traffic gets heavy.

Nomatter rain or shine even when the weather is unpredictable.

Nomatter how heavy the rain, even when there is a flood.

Nomatter how hot the weather is, even when there is a heatwave.

Nomatter the traffic conditions, even when the jam has no end in sight.

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