NinjaVan was expanding into Thailand. The company was entering a market dominated by established courier giants like Kerry Services, DHL, and FedEx. We were tasked to develop a campaign to launch the brand starting with Thailand's busiest city, Bangkok.
Not Bangkok’s notorious traffic jams, complex roadways, intense heat, or even the unpredictable floods. We’re here against all odds.
NinjaVan may not be the best in Thailand yet, but we're ready to put up a fight.
Working with the Thai translation house, we developed the final tagline and the copy accordingly. The nuance of the language meant that we could not have something as contentious as intended. Still, we worked to keep the spirit of the promise.
How do we ensure our message is delivered the best way possible?
Our answer: programmatic digital billboard spots. 
That means seeing billboards of our ninja beating the heat when the weather's warm, but seeing the ninja surfing waves when the roads are flooded. When the roads are all jammed during peak hour, our mascot parkours right over the traffic!
The right messages at the right place, at the right time.
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